The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is the next flagship of the Qantas fleet and will take Australians further than ever. The latest Flying Kangaroo design, overseen by Qantas design consultant Marc Newson in partnership with Australian design agency Houston Group, marks a new era in aviation.
In 2007, the iconic 'roo evolved again. The polished, contoured Flying Kangaroo reflected the next generation of aircraft. In 2008, the first Airbus A380 landed in Australia, and with it, a new standard of in-flight service and comfort on long-haul routes.
In June 1984, the Flying Kangaroo lost its wings and was given a more slender, stylised look. The new 'roo first appeared on the B747-300EUD in 1984 and preceded the launch of the cutting edge Boeing 767 in 1985.
In September 1971, the first Qantas 747-238B Jumbo landed in Australia. This new, wide-bodied aircraft was able to carry 370 passengers (over two and a half times as many as the Boeing 707), making travel more affordable and accessible for future generations of Australians.
On 29 July 1959, the Boeing 707 made its inaugural flight from Sydney to San Francisco, making it the first passenger jet service to cross the Pacific. The Boeing 707 cut the travel time from Sydney to London from fifty hours, to just twenty-seven.
In 1954, the winged kangaroo was the first 'roo to appear on the tail of a Qantas aircraft, the Lockheed Super Constellation. These state-of-the-art planes were also the first Qantas aircraft to cross the Pacific in May that year.
The original 'roo was first painted beneath the cockpit of the Qantas Liberator at Brisbane’s Archerfield airport after the Indian Ocean Route was officially renamed the ‘Kangaroo Service’. The design, inspired by the one-penny coin, was later featured on all of Qantas’ Liberator aircraft.

The evolution of the fleet.

96 years in the making.

The Dreamliner marks the beginning of an exciting new era for Qantas. The latest addition to our fleet is rewriting the future of air travel, and borne out of a pioneering spirit that can be traced all the way back to the founders of Qantas in 1920.

The evolution of the fleet Video